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Our Services

We primarly offer three different serivces:

Architectural Design

“"The Dream Quest"”, along the creative process we will commence with your visions, concerns and wants. We will then introduce some new ideas and comments to help guide you along the way. As Rome was not built in a day, your completed vision put to paper may take a number of visits and revisions before your ultimate "“Dream Quest"” has been achieved! We will accommodate our schedule to fit your hours whether they are nights, weekends or during the weekday, in order best streamline the process.

After the Design has been completed we can then proceed with the building plans, submit them to the building department, receive the building permit and then we are ready to commence construction!

Toronto Custom Homes

As a General Contractor we would give you a total price for the entire job. Our contracts include very specific details that are easily followed. In this way everything is upfront. The more detail in the contract the less confusion and the quicker the job progresses. We pride ourselves on a speedy, well-organized and clean job site.

Construction Project Management

We can act as a buffer between you and your General Contractor. As a Project Manager we can verify estimates from different contractors to ensure that they are all quoting the same specifications and products. We can work out payment schedules and verify progress payments verses percentage of work performed. We can also verify that the work is being constructed as per the plans.

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